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It’s that time of year Cougar family, registration is now open for our 2023 travel season but before you register your son or daughter please review all important information regarding our upcoming travel season

We will continue to offer payment plans and work with families with multiple players, HOWEVER PAYMENT PLANS WILL NOT BE EXTENDED OUT LIKE PREVIOUS YEARS!!. If you sign up for a payment plan please adhere to the dates selected. Each teams budget is based off the full amount per player and is sole for that team so it is important that we receive fees on the agreed upon time and in full. Please note there will be no refunds once season starts due to the nature of the sport. Please read and decide carefully before registering.  A list of payment options are available online. Any parents with ideas that would help in the area of fundraising, donations, scorebook and video person please contact us.

It is important to register early as the cutoff date for our uniform order is February 18, 2023.  If you register after March 10, 2023 there could be long wait times for uniform to come in as well as not getting your athletes desired jersey number. Note all players must be registered online prior to tryouts.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 586-307-5604.



Sponsored by 2023 NCAA Certified Event Player Registration

2023 NCAA Certified Event Player Registration

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Please click on Below LINK for instructions on how to register. All players must be registered and accepted on their respective coaches team roster no later than 



***NOTE*** 16U and 17U teams


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