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Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo: Scouts Notes

10/11/2019, 8:30am EDT
By Scott Hankamp


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Posted On: 10/11/19 8:31 AM

Ever wondered what a scout is writing when you see them in the gym? They have eyes on the action and their pen on paper, furiously scribbling away. At the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo, I had almost 100 pages of notes, covering everything from Eli Carlson’s quick release on his jumper to the phone number for a local pizza place for after the event. I’m going to give you an inside look at a few of my notes from the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo.

Logan Carson – bigger + stronger + more skilled = huge improvement = stockriser

Jesse Carpenter Jr. – Smooth/athletic *Good passer/takes to rim

Bryce VanderWiere – Confident on baseline – dangerous baseline jumper * Used post moves to score back to basket

Spencer Rodesiler – Strong off dribble to left/first step initiates contact

Byron Tate – Good athletic profile 

Bryan Tyler – *Hustle player *Strong passer – uses bounce pass on wing *Nice hesitation move and finish

Devon White – like him with ball in his hands


*Forcing turnovers off ball pressure

Game 1 Matchup: Logan Carson vs. Blake Woodward * Carson great passer from lane!/moving well/nice turn around jumper from lane *Woodward strong frame can move opponent

Reichen Lund – Much improved shooter! Mechanics different, shot smoother and quicker

Christian Johnson – athletic/bouncy guard that can handle w/both hands, hitting open jumpers

Kyle Sloan – pushing pace!

Isayah Harris – talking on D! Can hear 2 courts away!!!

Cameron Green – potential! Need to see him more/interesting prospect

Jaylin Jenkins – *Athletic finisher *Creates turnovers –> quick feet + nose for ball –>pressures ball at halfcourt

D’Marco Singleton – Underrated athlete w/ball skills

Jayden Nunn – Moves ball well around perimeter with crisp pass – opens floor – shot ready when ball reverses

Donovan McDonald – efficient player – 0 mistakes – So intelligent for freshman playing with upperclassmen

Jack Williams – Smooth shooter from top of key -Another A2 Skyline shooter!?!?!?!? 

Bobby Hill – like his composure; calm, cool, collected

Mike Lividini – leader —–> freshman! Handles ball well/comfortable both sides of floor/NICE FLOATER IN LANE

Jamoni Jones – impossible to stop if he gets in the lane – Guaranteed bucket 4 someone if he does – Smart passer off penetration – D1 kid

Cole Wilson – D has to step out on him! Bury a  triple if they step back!!

Blake Lund – Doing everything! – big stop on d – running floor & 1st back on D, not getting tired

Noah Pruitt – Handles with both hands – Pure stroke from behind arc – Showing versatility by effectively feeding hot hand and playing off the ball





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