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Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo: Senior And Junior Post Players

09/27/2019, 8:45am EDT
By Scott Hankamp, Prep Hoops MI


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Posted On: 09/27/19 9:03 AM

The simple fact is, college coaches are always looking for quality post players. There were certainly plenty of those at Cornerstone University in the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo. We will look at juniors and seniors that made their mark in the paint. Even if they aren’t true bigs, these kids made a statement in the post. 

Logan Carson (2021, 6’8″, PF, Buchanan)

Carson was bigger, stronger, and in better physical condition than most. He grabbed boards, scored facing the basket, and ran the floor well. Carson was one of the 10-15 best overall players at the Top 250. 

Ryan Corner (2020, 6’11”, PF, Allendale)

Corner was dominant on the glass at the Top 250. Coach Lancaster even said:  “I asked him to get me a rebound. He went and got 5.” Corner has good feet and a solid mid range jumper. 

Brandon Hunt (2021, 6’8″, F, Williamston)

Hunt was an energy player on Sunday. He ran the floor, attacked the glass, and defended in the paint. Hunt can make a living with his versatility. 

Quentin Jones (2021, 6’6″, PF, Madison Heights)

Scouts and coaches may need to be ready for a breakout season. He has the size and athleticism to be a real double-double threat. 

Michael Robinson (2021, 6’5″, F, Ann Arbor Huron)

Robinson makes plays with his hustle and athleticism. He has a remarkable understanding of the game and was constantly looking to get coached and responding to it. 

Owen Ross (2020, 6’5″, PF, Grand Haven)

Ross was impressive on both ends. He consistently walled up in the post on D, making every shot difficult. Ross also looked very comfortable facing up and scoring off a 2 dribble drive. 

Reed Schilling (2021, 6’5″, F, Flushing)

No rebound was safe when Schilling was on the floor. He just wants the ball when it comes off the rim. Schilling gains posessions for his team. 

Bryce VanderWiere (2021, 6’7″, PF, Schoolcraft)

VanderWiere was nearly unstoppable on the baseline at the Top 250. He could hit a short corner jumper or take 1-2 dribbles down the baseline and finish. 

Ethan Tornga (2020, 6’4″, PF, Ellsworth)

Tornga made a real statement on Sunday. He was intelligent defensively, showing an understanding of defensive rotations. Tornga also showed solid footwork in the paint. 

Bryce Williamson (2020, 6’7″, PF, Warren Cousino)

Williamson is going to make a college coach very happy. He’ll be a double-double threat every night during high school season. Williamson has a consistent game that will transfer well to the next level. 

Matt Wisniewski (2021, 6’4″, F, Linden)

Wisniewski will be a perfect compliment to Blake Lund. He passes well out of the high post, looking for cutters and open shooters. Wisniewski rebounds like he’s 6’8″. 

Blake Woodward (2021, 6’8″, C, Romeo)

Woodward is big and strong, making him very difficult to move in the paint. He can clear out the defense and make a powerful move to the rim. Woodward will probably average double digit rebounds. 

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