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Sunday Stars in Metro Detroit

09/25/2020, 12:30pm EDT
By Paul Garwood


Posted On: 09/28/20 6:45 AM

Nothing like spending a Sunday in a gym looking at the amazing talent of the Metro Detroit Area. Let’s evaluate some of this talent I saw yesterday Part 1:

Mak Manciel (2021, CG, Sterling Heights Stevenson)

Shooting Strength: His mechanics is pretty good. Nice arc on his shot. He has both 2 point and 3 point range. He can both catch and shoot and create off the dribble. He will attack the basket with either hand. He will follow his shot.

Dribbling Strength: He is very adept at going both ways with his dribble. He handles pressure well. He was good at splitting the double team and also passing over it. Dribble penetration is good and he is a decent finisher.

Passing Strength: Despite being the go to guy he has the court vision and court sense to find the open man. Can be turnover prone at times especially with a big lead.

Defensive Strength: Decent on ball defense. He is good at anticipation and finding his man in transition. He plays well within the team’s defensive concept.

Manciel is an excellent player who is going to be an excellent college player. He has all the tools. He needs to remember that too consistently play at that elite level takes consistent elite effort.

Lucas Shock (2021, PG, St. Clair Shores Lakeview)

Shooting Strength: Nice looking shot especially from midrange. He can also hit the open 3. Being left handed helps him when shooting off the dribble.

Dribbling Strength: This skillset makes him a good basketball player. He can handle the ball with both hands. He sees the floor very well. He loves to penetrate, dish or finish with either hand.

Passing Strength: This is another strength. I saw him throw full court passes and put it on the dime. He is a playmaker. He has gotten very good at handling pressure.

Defensive Strength:  He needs to a better on ball defender but it is not from lack of effort. He is good defending off the ball. He plays help defense and recovers well. He understands and plays within the team’s defensive concepts.

Shock is working hard and getting better and better. His basketball IQ is very good. He is definitely a college player.



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