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06/29/2017, 11:00am EDT

"Back by Popular Demand"


A very intensive program focused on learning, teaching, and developing the individual. We’re looking for the Serious Student Athlete! The Basketball Lab will challenge you.



Trained Self

Skills and fundamental oriented

Fundamental Skills… Missing In Action! Many young athletes today are so focused on playing in leagues and tournaments every weekend that the athlete essentially has no “off-season” to develop better skills. Some coaches are starting to notice.

Is The LAB for you or your child? If you’re between the ages of 9 to 18, are a part of the Cougars family, you love basketball, want to learn the game more in depth (breaking down film, what are the roles of a guard, forward, center, and Coach) or just want to improve your technique, are willing to work hard, and you want to make lifelong friends and have fun in the process, then LAB is for you. Parents, if your child is athletically inclined, or needs help in getting in better physical shape, is bound for high school or college basketball, or simply needs to learn the value of self discipline, practice, and enhance self- confidence, email us at to attend the basketball LAB.

Intensive Training for Results, THIS IS NOT A DAY CARE at the LAB we WILL follow an intensive regimen of repetition and practice. Students will do hundreds of reps per session of several skill- development drills. They will learn and focus on why, when, and how to use these newly developed skills. Since 1995, The Macomb County Cougars has “graduated” many kids who go on to achieve better results in their high school and college basketball careers. Our students learn the fundamental skills that are the essential building blocks for higher- level of play in today’s different styles of game. We guarantee The Basketball Lab will dramatically enhance your skills.

Summer sessions will start Aug 1st 2017

This will be a 4 week program

For more information:


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