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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the Cougars? The purpose of the Macomb County Cougars Basketball Travel Club is to train and develop comprehensive basketball fundamentals that will embrace, and encourage our young student athletes looking to maximize his or her potential.


Are the Cougars certified to participate in tournaments and how long is the season? The Macomb County Cougars Basketball Travel Club is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) which is the governed body that sanctioned travel teams for boys’ and girls’ grades 4th thru 11th. 2024 season will run March through May and some events in July, based on the age group, (Usually our 17 Under has 1 or 2 Tournaments in July) teams will participate in 5 - 7 tournaments within the Tri-State area; MI, OH, IL, PA, WI, KY and IN. Game days are usually Saturday and Sunday with some tournaments starting on Friday evenings (usually for high school teams only), although there have been exceptions (these will be communicated in advance).

(NOTE due to COVID all schedules fluid and subject to change)

Where, when & how long are practices? Practices are could be held at one of the following sites, Clintondale High School Clintondale Middle School, Cairns Community Center. Practice dates and times will be 2 nights per week usually Tuesday & Thursday or Friday; each team practice will be 2 hours. Practices times are usually: 4th – 8th grade 5:30 to 7:30pm, all High school levels 7:30-9:30pm.


Can I play a high school spring sport and play for the Cougars? Yes, you can, but please look over both your schedules and make sure you do not spread yourself to thin. We encourage multi-sport athletes and participation with your high school teams and teammates. NOTE: if on occasion you must have to miss a practice or a game, with advanced notice we will excuse you, just be aware if it’s quite frequent playing time may be affected.


What is my (Parent) commitment? Your personal commitment to The Macomb County Cougars Basketball Travel Club is vital to the success of the program. Each team member needs to attend all practices and games, exhibit, and be an advocate of sportsmanship during practice, tournaments, and overnight stay. As the parent, in addition to financial support; we need your support at tournaments; your presence is important as it helps to motivate the team and shows that you are supporting and encouraging their participation in the club. Each Coach, Player and Parent will be required to commit to the Macomb County Cougars Code of Conduct which clearly defines the programs expectations and consequences as it relates to how we present and represent the program. We need your assistance with transportation and your active participation in fundraising activities which facilitates the success of the club. In addition to that working the scoring table or video camera is a huge plus. The Cougars may host 1 to 2 Fundraising Events in 2024. We are asking that all parents and players participation also extended family members are encouraged to participate in some way to make the fundraising events a success.


Q: When do you have to register?

A: Open registration starts in October/November the previous year and ends in March or until tryout numbers are reached for that particular age group! (MODIFIED DUE TO COVID) look for postings 


Q: But I can still get in after March?

A: Sure if we still have spots available


Q: When do we need to arrive for tournaments?

A: Usually 30 minutes before tipoff, sometimes special requirements are need during the NCAA certified events. 15u-17u must check in their team and during the evaluation periods they have to watch a NCAA video, sometimes pick up t-shirts, etc, so the coach usually assigns a specific time and location for everyone to meet prior to the event.

Q: Where is check in?

A: ALL teams are required to check in at the tournament Headquarters which will be posted on our website. Map is available on our website under the “Venues” section.


Q: Do you know what times we play?

A: We usually don’t find out what time everyone plays until late in the week prior to the event, 90% of the times schedules are posted by the Thursday before the event, if changes are made refer to our website for updates unless a tournament app has been provided!


Q: Will everyone play at 8am?

A: No. Your 1st game could be 4pm,2pm, 5pm..... we have no idea until the schedule is given to us. Good rule of thumb If it is a weekend tournament expect to be busy the whole weekend


Q: How Many games do we get to play?

A: Some tournaments guaranteed a minimum of 3 games some 4 or even 5 and we could play as many as 8-10 games in a given weekend just depend on how good your team is, how many total teams in that age group and the structure of the tournament.


Q: Do you have Girls team?

A: Yes and are looking to add more!


Q: Who are the Directors of the Tournament?

A: Really, all tournaments you can find online and that info should be available there???


Q: Do you have to be invited to try out for the Cougars?

A: Yes and No some kids we recruit, some kids get recommended, and some kids just want to play and come to tryouts everyone will get evaluated on the strength of team and their own ability at the time of tryouts!


Q: What about if I want my kid to play up or play down?

A: We reserve the right as to what team we put your son or daughter on as well as what level we put the team in. We have had kids play up and down, the key is to find the right fit for continued development 


Q: How do you make the determination on which team you put in a division/age group?

A: We base it on skill level, team history together and the strength of the ROSTER, how well you played in the winter/spring (with your school team), who you played against, we try to get out and watch as many games possible throughout the season.


Q: Do I get an automatic Invite back to the next level team if I played the previous year?

A: Yes and No. Even Kentucky must prove themselves every year to get into the NCAA Tournament, but if the team was successful the year before and all the players want to come back well what do you think…. Lol.


Q: But I have been Loyal to the Cougars every year. Should I get an Invite?

A: Yes and No. It would be based on your evaluation, level of play on the team but, if 2 players are tied skill wise and that other player is new, we tend to reserve the spot for the player who played the year previous!


Q: I hear you, but I want college coaches to see my son or daughter play. How can they see him or her if he or she is not invited?

A: You are killing me; if he or she hasn't been contacted all summer, it simply means he or she has to tryout all over, focus on development is the key!


Q: How many teams do you have?

A: Finally, a different question! It depends we have had as many as 10 and as few as 3, the focus should be to get registered and make the team and secure a spot. That is the only way we can officially count a players commitment to the team


Q: How is the team assembled age or grade?

A: We go by what the tournaments go by which is usually both example 14U or U14 is 8th grade and lower with the exception of 17U or U17 which could be12th grade and below but ages could be 19 and below then we look at how talented the kid is, if a kid is good enough to play up and all parties agree then he or she goes up, same as playing down.


Q: What about the playoffs?

A: C’mon geez, win or go home.


Q: When will the schedule be posted?

A: I already ANSWERED THAT…..


Q: So how much does this cost?

A: It’s in the registration on the website you won’t be held to any cost to take a peek, registration is free, on second thought take a look below!


For the 2024 Season the fees are as follows:

$850.00  includes uniforms and shooting top 4th-8th Grade boys/girls travel

$850.00  includes uniforms and shooting top 9th-11th Grade boys/girls travel.

$185.00 + 30.00 jersey cost  Fall League registration starts in August 


The player fee covers: *2024

Tournament Entry Fees, Uniforms, Practice Facility Insurance, Court Rental, HUDL/Pixellot for high school teams only and Website fees 


In Summary as we enter our 29th season, we truly understand the state of the this investment into your athlete and the commitment involved and is something we take very serious. So with that said this has been a tremendous experience for so many of our past players and families, if fully committed, each player will not only have the opportunity to compete against some of the best middle and high school competition be coached by some of the best qualified coaches in the area, create new friends and friendships, gain self-confidence, improve as a basketball player, position himself or herself as one of the top middle, high school, collegiate players and create great memories to last a lifetime!