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Our goal is to build character and self esteem through education and sports at the highest level. Our Program provides the foundation for academic achievement and guidance needed for the college selection process. Our coaching staff has over 30 years of professional athletic, college, and coaching experience. Our emphasis is to stress the importance of a good education as well as to train and condition each athlete physically and mentally to reinforce good sportsmanship and disciplinary actions.

BACKGROUND                                                                                                                                                                                          With being the 1st grassroots travel basketball program in the County, Macomb County Cougars organization plan, promote and implement comprehensive activities that aid in the development of todays athlete. We are advocates for academic success off the court with an aggressive style of basketball on the court that emphasizes hard work and personal responsibility. 

Academic success is a priority for the student athletes that participate in the Cougars program! The team concept is an absolute necessity for our athletes. We teach a style of play that requires tremendous intensity on defense and total unselfishness on offense. We demand that the student athlete be in great mental and physical condition.

It is our desire that every player that participates in the Macomb County Cougars program attends college, makes wise decision, and become productive citizens. We want only the best for the players in every phase of their lives on and off the court.

"Learn more, Reach more, Teach more"