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It’s that time of year Cougar family, registration is now open for our 2018 travel season but before you register your son or daughter please review all important information regarding our upcoming travel season.

There will be a slight player fee increase of $110.00, effective for the start of the 2018 travel season, this increase will only effect travel season. We have made every attempt to avoid the increase but without this increase it would most definitely affect the way we currently do business during the season and almost eliminate any summer/fall events that we currently do and we refuse to compromise on our ability to offer training and educational services throughout the year.

Having to cancel our Golf outing in August, which was our only fundraising event, greatly affected our 2018 budget and as an organization that service the community we try to be as forthcoming as possible with things such as this so that you the parent and player can make provisions accordingly.

Listed are the drivers for the cost increase.

  • Gym rental
  • Building insurance
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Uniform costs


***New 2018 Team Fees are as follow***


4th – 8th   Grades:  $590.00    this includes a home and away uniform and Dri fit Tee

9th – 10th Grades:  $690.00    this includes a home and away uniform and Dri fit Tee

11th Grade:            $690.00    this includes practice gear and a Dri fit Tee


As always we will continue to offer payment plans and work with families with multiple players. A list of payment options are available online. Any parents with ideas that would help in the area of fundraising or donations please contact us.

 Also new for 2018 each player will receive a home and away uniform along with a shooting shirt it is important to register early as the cutoff date for our uniform order is February 17, 2018 all registrants after this date may not get the desired jersey number they would like. All players must be registered online prior to tryouts on March 17, 2018. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 586-221-1970.

Thank you for understanding that this price increase means that we can continue to maintain the way we operate for the 2018 year.




Scott Johnson, President

2018 Travel Season Registration – Welcome!

  The LeagueApps website system uses a parent to child registration system.  This means that, as a parent or guardian, you must create a ‘parent’ account that will allow you to register your athlete(s).


To register and use the new LeagueApps web site system, there are 3 ‘basic’ steps that you need to do.
Create an account on the LeagueApps system using the ‘Create an Account’ button at the top of any page.
This will be the ‘Parent’ account.

        B.     Using the account that you created in Step A, register your athlete(s) using the ‘Register Now’ button.

NOTE: If Registration has not started, the button will not be available.

       C.    Ensure that you update any information regarding yourself or your athlete(s) to ensure that communications lines are kept intact throughout the season.



Please familiarize yourself with all the Program Policies that are in place before registering.

NOTE: You will be required to sign these policies during the registration of your athlete.


Policy Page

Late Fee and Waitlist Registration


***Specific registration dates have been set by the program to ensure several objectives are met on time such as jersey ordering and team planning.  Late registrations may hamper the organization of those efforts. In lieu of that, the following Late and Waitlist registration policy is in place***

The Late Fee Policy States 

       A.  Standard fees for all programs are in effect from: 
              a. November 30, 2017 thru March 17, 2018. 

       B.   A late fee of $25 will be added to all standard registration fees from: 
               a.  March 18, 2017 thru April 1, 2018
               b. Registration closes on April 2, 2018.

       C.  Normally, no registrations are accepted after the first tournament  however individual situations will be evaluated. 

       D. IMPORTANT: Waitlist Registration 
            a. Waitlist Registration does not guarantee participation for the athlete; however, we will make every effort for all players to be part of the Cougars program when space permits. 

Family Discounts


The Cougars program offers a discount to families that register 2 or more athletes for the same season. 

The Family Discount Policy States

A.    The registration fee of a family that registers more than 2 athletes will be discounted as follows.

a.     $30 off each registered athlete after the first 2 athletes are paid according to the normal fee schedule.

b.    The discount will be taken off the lowest of the registration fees that are incurred.

B.     IMPORTANT: A Single Registration Session is Required.

a.   In order to receive the discount, YOU MUST REGISTER ALL ATHLETES IN ONE REGISTRATION SESSION! If you register them separately, the payment system will NOT apply the discount.

2018 Program Fees

2018 Grade School Travel Middle School Travel High School Travel Fall League Summer League
FEE $590.00 $590.00 $690.00 $180.00 $180.00
After 03/17/2018 $615.00 $615.00 $715.00 TBD TBD